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In 1964, Lynn Marcus was a member of the expelled Revolutionary Tendency of
the SWP (US).  The RT split into Jim Robertson's Spartacist group and Tim
Woolforth's The Bulletin.  Unity talks between the Robertsonites and the
Woolforthites continued until almost just before what turned out to be the
founding conference of the Spartacist League in Chicago on Labor Day 1966.
Gerry Healy  personally flew to Montreal to pull the plug on unity between
Spartacist and The Bulletin a short time before the founding conference of
what was supposed to be a unified American section of the I.C.F.I.

Lynn Marcus was on the editorial board of The Bulletin.  The Bulletin
strictly followed the line of Gerry Healy's Socialist Labour League
(I.C.F.I.).   Re Cuba, The Bulletin viewed Cuba as state capitalist, not a
deformed or degenerated workers state as it viewed Russia and its
satellites.  Spartacist viewed Cuba as a 'structurally assimilated' deformed
workers state, which required a 'political revolution' for the establishment
of socialism.  The class nature of Cuba was the chief issue which divided
these formations.

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And before LaRouche, whom we knew as Lynn Marcus,
was the leader of the CPUSA-beating National
Caucus of Labor Committees, he was the leader of
an opposition current within the Socialist Workers
Party of the United States, where I first ran into
him. He was unusual in coming to the office of the
SWP in New York wearing a suit and tie as I recall.

I never could figure out what was the nature of the
formal political position which he claimed to have.

Walter Lippmann

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