[Marxism] Saddam's 'Trial'?

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Thu Apr 22 12:17:24 MDT 2004

Ahmed Chalabi, who cannot account for gadzillions of US taxpayers'
largesse (given without their express consent --as so it goes in US
Foreign Policy), and who has taken the role of fall guy for the invasion
of Iraq ("But they said to!" whine Bushites about fucking Saddamites
with bombs that collateralized a country), and who, despite all, may be
considered by the US for the top spot in Iraq?

Hey, why not?

Yesterday's WashPost told us that poll evidence indicates Americans are
unexplainably turning back to appreciation of Bush, Inc., and think he's
the best choice to lead "The War on Terror" (whatever the fak *that* is:
a campaign against horror?  Why not dose the population with Zoloft or
pump some anti-anxiety drugs into the water supply?).  Sometimes I feel
like the world is getting more surreal, like a gremlin dropped bad acid
into my punch, or maybe everybody else's . 

 "The War on Terror" . . . ?

Complete boolshite.  Any people who fight against imperialism, if they
get enough momentum underway, will eventually get labeled "agents of
Terror".  Slapping the TERROR label on opponents cauterizes critical
consideration of issues involved.  The flashing urgency of TERROR!
demands swift reaction, not thought.  Men of reaction are fascistic and
regard questions as doubts, as suspect, thus suspicious, that is
disputable, and challenging, therefore defiant and insubordinate,
clearly rebellious, and so antagonistic, or, ultimately hostile, in word
and deed --even deeds not done- i.e., inimical, yes, enemies of the
state, and therefore terrorists, too, because that is the definition of
terrorist: you are with US or against US.

Haven't we been down this road?  Passion over Reason?  Irrational
reaction against thoughtful consideration of causality in the ways of
humans?  This is absurd.  It's insane.  It's a disease that spreads,
creating antibodies of psychosis and schizophrenia that infect hosts
within whom defenses have been traumatized, and are vulnerable.  The
capitalist condition is climaxing.

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