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Left Hook

Last Release: Thursday, April 22, 2004

The Roots of Iraqi Rage

| Khury Petersen-Smith |

Early one January morning, on a road in Jordan, Tareq drove me and two 
other anti-war activists from the United States toward occupied Iraq. 
Tareq, an Iraqi, knew enough English for the two of us to have a 
conversation about his life, his work, and the horrors, indignities, and 
frustrations of life under the US occupation. At one point, he turned to 
me and said, "Iraqis will not take this much longer. Maybe four or five 
more months, and if no change, we will-"

He struggled to find the correct English words. Then, abandoning the 
search, he held out his hand, palm up.

"We are here," he said.

He raised his hand, slowly at first, then quickly, flipping his 
palm-side down.

"We will be here."

I didn't understand at first, but after Tareq repeated the gesture 
several times, it became clear.

"You will rise up."

"Yes." Tareq smiled. Iraqis will rise up. Intifada.

- http://lefthook.org/Ground/Smith042204.html (Read full)

Ground Down in the Fields: Coffee and State Authority in Colombia

| Josh Frank |

The global coffee industry has endured colossal changes over the past 
fifty years. Production of beans has shifted from country to country. 
Profiteering from the product has increased almost exponentially through 
huge sales at retail outlets such as Starbucks and Seattle's Best. But 
not all involved in the coffee market have benefited equally. Small 
coffee farmers have suffered tremendous loss. Environmental degradation 
has also increased as ancient forests have been cleared in hopes that 
the bare land can be transformed into fertile ground, worthy of growing 
cash crops. Countries have lost entire export industries as 
multinational corporations race to purchase the cheapest beans they can 
find. And no country has felt the pain of these transformations greater 
than Colombia.

- http://lefthook.org/History/Frank042204.html (Read full)

Conservatives: A Brake on Human Progress

The strict definition of a conservative is one who holds to traditional 
methods or views, or a cautious or discreet person. If the good old days 
were actually good, I'd be more inclined to give traditional 
conservatives a bit more credit, but they were not, so I can't. Other 
hallmarks of conservative thinking include pseudo-Christian zealotry and 
proud neurotic selfishness - myguns, my tax dollars, my standard of living.

- http://lefthook.org/Politics/Southwood042204.html (Read full)

Arab Eyes: A Poem

| M. Junaid Alam |

Glares of the oppressed
Shoot out from shadows writhing
under black war boots strapped on white skin
Arab-dirtied in desert sands.

Rising in the nascent sandstorm
of national struggle
can these angered Arab eyes
these twin towers of Resistance
stare down
buildings stretching into the sky
and empires digging into the (s)oil.

- http://lefthook.org/Culture/Alam042204.html (Read full)

The Resistance: A Poem

| Victor de Serna |

He is alone in the loneliness of the night of the Occupation
His children were killed like flies in the siege of Fallujah

He kneels like a priest on the sorrowful ruins of his family's home
The ash and rubble float like bitter smoke
And the remnants of his blasted walls lean up from the ground like 
jagged teeth

The night cannot touch him

- http://lefthook.org/Culture/Serna042204.html (Read full)

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