[Marxism] Walter L's inquiry re Lyn Marcus

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Thu Apr 22 17:14:46 MDT 2004

I made no inquiry about Lyn Marcus (or Lyndon LaRouche).
(I think I did put two "n"s in his name, mistakenly.)

Granted this was going on four decades ago, but it does
not ring quite true to me. The Wohlforth and Robertson
people fell out while still members of the SWP(USA) and 
then they went separate ways because their departures
happened at slightly different times. The Robertson
people left a year or two before the Wohlforth group.

I remember well that the Wohlforth people arranged for
their own expulsion by passing out leaflets in front of
the New York Headquarters at 116 University Place where
they demanded the opening of discussion on a burning
issue for workers in the US: the decision of the Lanka
Sama Samaja Party to enter a coalition government in
Ceylon (now known as Sri Lanka).

Healy did NOT view Cuba as state capitalist, but as a
"transitional state" of some undetermined character,
but one definitely NOT meriting "support", of however
critical a nature. The latter-day descendants of Healy,
in the World Socialist Website, retain that viewpoint. 

If Lyn Marcus (LaRouche) was a member of the Wohlforth
wing of world Trotskyism, it couldn't have been for very
long. I'm guessing LaRouche made his own exit from the
SWP in his own way and time, creating his own paper and
programmatic trail. There's an iron law in the world of 
such organizations: only one guru per sect.

Wohlforth, of course, had his own falling out with Healy
some time later, all of which is amusingly recounted in 
Wohlforth's well-written, if selectively remembered book

RAYMOND CHASE's name isn't familiar to me. Was he on the
scene during these times? I was a member of the Madison,
Wisconsin Young Socialist Alliance during those times.

Gee, it's been a very long time since I gave any thought
to these things.

Walter Lippmann

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