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>I enjoyed Melvin's rendition of the NCLC relationship with  the CL back 
in the early 70s. Fascinating and thanks for that. Chip Bartlett and 
others have on various web sites expounded upon Operation Mop-up. Those 
of us in the SWP at that time went through it and remember it all to 
well. Seems the only group they fused with was the Newmanites in New 
York, who later went on to form the New Alliance Party.<


In other words all of us - no matter what are particular political bent were 
under a concerted attack. 

We cannot stop police agents and spys from joining the movement. Anyone that 
joins a party organization or club or unit and pays dues can end up in the 
leadership of almost any group. The police agents pay their dues better than 
regular comrades and we need to remember this. 

I find much of the material written about the Leninist form of organization 
to be immature and highly subjective. Trust me, you are going to crave a 
disciplined group to protect yourself and democratic centralism makes sense.  We had 
several cops and police spy's in our group. 

Then the Red Squad was on our ass, trying to monitor our every move. I read 
some of my files about fifteen years ago that contained material I wrote at age 
18 and I will be 52 in September. The comrades that want to invent some form 
of organization that is "more democratic" forget elementary "movement logic." 

I read the piece by Bob G. - the Oz comrade, and his conceptions are bizarre. 
One cannot invent an organizational form as such. No matter what anyone says 
you are going to only do what is in front of you, which is the first lesson of 
all politics. 

The Internet and modern surveillance technology is going to compel the next 
generation of insurgents to spontaneously create counter measures. Those who 
ideologically favor and support factions are going to disintegrate under a few 
blows of the bourgeoisie. The faction is going to be the form of the bourgeois 
assault upon you and a lot of comrades are going to get hurt. There is no 
other avenue open to the police agent. 

It is one thing to argue in open public space like the Internet. Within an 
organization the result is deadly. I will never support the legal existence of a 
faction within a political organization. There is no other method to 
disorganize you except on the basis of factions. 

Some feel that Marxism Leninism is dictatorial. I am not accusing any one of 
anything but such thinking sounds like the police to me. Marxism-Leninism is 
ideology more or less and not an organization to begin with. Your organization 
is never going to exceed how society is organized. 

Groups like the CPUSA and the SWP - with extensive histories, are cop riddled 
and not because of ideology or bad politics. The government pay people to 
carry out this work over a long period of time. Any group can be penetrated by 
definition. Look what the government did to the Panthers . . . with one section 
of their organization fighting and shooting at another section. 

Comrades have to develop an acute common sense.

Katherine Cleaver advocated bombing the fucking workers out of the plant. 
Eldridge Cleaver glorified the gun. He was a fucking rapists for Christ sake. Any 
black mutherfucker with a beef against the system is automatically 
revolutionary. In other words you can rape a women if she is white and your are black 
and feel powerless? (Its like . . .try and get a job you tree jumping 
mutherfucker.) Half the groups on the left gloried these degenerates. They scared the 
crap out of us and had a mutherfucker scared to go to work. 

I am a little different from the comrades on the list. I have five kids and 
fours are female. You rape my babies and I want to blow your brains out . . 
.flat out. Fuck the jutice system and going to court. 

"I felt powerless?" 

"What the fuck are you talking about. Let me show you some fucking power you 
ignorant mutherfucker." 

There I go getting upset over something that never happened. 

George Sams the police agent, rose to leadership in the Black Panthers and 
tried to penetrate our group. We told this cop to get the fuck on and he then 
went to Oakland and emerged as a leader in the Panthers. George Sams grew up in 
Highland Park a small suburb surrounded by Detroit. He was an ignorant man and 
social degenerate with a long police record. 

Debate does not destroy a group and there has to be limits on what can be 
debated in the first place. Comrades desiring to create the perfect model of an 
organization have not a clue. The character of a political organization does 
not emerge on the basis of what someone thinks. When all is said and done lower 
bodies are going to be more than less subordinate to higher bodies and this 
does not mean someone telling you what to do. The lower bodies and units have 
their own internal life. 

I believe myself to be very clear about the character and nature of a witch 
hunt in any political organization. It matters little what the ideological 
rationale. The bottom line is expulsion of members. 

"But Comrade Melvin, everyone has the right to express their point of view." 

No, they don't. A mutherfucker advocating that Black Panther buffoonery would 
be booted out in a second. Look the cops set these people up to be killed 
over a breakfast program. All of us remember the Black Panther paper and Emory 
drawing of guns. He was a great artist but all that shit about "I felt the gun 
and it felt good . . .and cold steel . . .and blue steel." 

This crap was scary and had a dark sexual side. "I felt the gun". . . . 

"You need to go see somebody and work that shit out slowly." 

"It felt good" 

We used to sit up in the office saying "these mutherfuckers done went crazy. 
Everybody in America feel good about sex and these mutherfuckers grab blue 
steel and feel good. Damn theft done went crazy. This has to be police shit." 

Now we had private gun clubs and practiced on a regular basis. The shooting 
range was built into several comrades basements and we owned "pool halls" - 
billiard stuff . . . yea. 

Oh, you thought we recruited the workers with the Communist Manifesto? You 
come to the pool hall and have a beer and hang out. The Manifesto comes later, 
after you determine if the person can really read. 

Back to the story. 

Fred Hampton, the Chicago Panther leader assassinated by the cops was sent to 
Detroit to kill our fucking comrades because we said the Panthers were stupid 
walking around in leather coats talking about the lumpen proletariat.

Now we liked Fred because he made sense and had some profound proletarian 

What incited the controversy was an article in the South End newspaper called 
"Drum - Vanguard of the Revolution." The South End was Wayne State University 
student newspapers and we had control of it and would distribute 10,000 
copies at factory gates.  It was under the editorship of the late John Watson. The 
University power structure went crazy but they have the greates labor archives 
. . . .perhaps in America. They have more of our history right now than I 
remember and I was there. 

Anyway Huey P and them said "fuck the workers because they are reactionary 
mutherfuckers in the first place and y'all just a bunch of well paid slaves."  
We know what one Panther leader thought about the workers . . . bomb them out 
of the fucking plants. Was not Mrs. Cleaver the one talking about "Pussy Power" 
back then? Everyone else is assaulting bourgeois ideology and literally 
taking Marx to the workers and this ignorant broad talking about Pussy Power and 
bombing a mutherfucker on the job. 

Were we well paid slaves?

Yes, . . . without question. 

Huey or somebody up high in the Panthers had to call their Chicago office. 
Fred was dispatched to Detroit. 

Fred was working class to the core and him and General Baker hit it off real 
good. Now we did do some shady politics and had set up the local Black Panther 
Chapter and swung everyone into the League.  Back then Huey P, Newton went 
ballistic - sitting around in a fucking penthouse room blowing cocaine and 
getting head (oral sex and who would not like this kind of life)? He had girl body 
guards for a reason. Chuck Wooten was sent to Oakland seeking a truce. Bobby 
Seale made sense but them other mutherfuckers where out of there rabbit mind. 

This was some cop shit . . . man. 

Let me name names. John Williams and Cassandra Smith were leaders in the 
Panthers first wave in Detroit with assignments to recruit everyone to join what 
was our conception of a League of Revolutionary Black Workers. The LRBW was not 
yet formed. 

Meeting of a unit should be for one hour. Comrades personal life have no 
place in party discussions. Ones financial status and life is absolutely off 
limits. Drugs are prohibited in party meetings. If you want to smoke "bud" take 
your ass home and smoke. Sell your papers, study all of Marx, Engels and Lenin 
and in my case Stalin works (his form of presentation remains unsurpassed and is 
universally hated by intellectuals who cannot talk to the workers in the 
first place. Just his peasant form is worth knowing. How I generally write is 
based on his form, no matter how complicated the subject.)

I personally don't care one way or another if a person smoke bud. I do not 
smoke and have tried if for a couple years as a young man. All it did was made 
me more spacey and stupid than I already am. Trust me, I can fuck up things 
pretty good on my own without the help of drugs. 

Party leaders are administrators elected to administer the apparatus, not to 
tell people what to do.  They are servants. Anyway  . . . I am laughing my ass 
off at anyone that advocates freedom of factions. Count me out and go to the 
police station and invite them into the group. 

The idea that a political group has to have an official position on 
everything is insanity. 

"The struggle in Iraq is for national liberation?" 

Really, and my dumb ass thought is was against American soldiers and company. 

Boy oh boy . . . those were the days. 

Remember when the Panthers form "The United Front Against Fascism." The 
second wave of Panthers in Detroit (we recruited all of the first wave, which got 
us into deep shit) had a huge sign in front of their home/office with something 
about the committee to fight fascism or something.

I mean a really big sign. 

I use to think, if fascism is right around the corner, why on earth have this 
big ass sign telling the police when to locate you day and night?  

I actually got along with most of the Panthers and was dating one of the 
women. Man this girl had some curves on her and the last thing on my mind was 
winning her over to the cause of communism. I figured communism was a little way 
down the road and time was on our side. I went to their office regularly and 
would be scared to death. The women I was dating would say, "baby why you have 
to leave so soon" and I would tell her I had assignments to carry out, because 
I figured the police were going to run up in the joint any second and there 
was no way I could explain this to the comrades bailing me out of jail. 

She called me insensitive. Actually I was extremely sensitive with an 
aversion towards lead poisoning. Was no sense in me catching the other guys bullet. 

Panthers . . .whewwwwwwww. How they would end up with all of those young 
women still amazes me. To this very day my wife personal hero is Angela Davis. 
Angles is cool . . . a beautiful woman. I love that gap in her teeth and would do 
her right now . . . if my wife gave me permission. And she is pretty smart. I 
have a story about her for later because I ran into her back in 1982 in 
Gainesville Georgia. Something to do with Charlene Mitchell and a trial. I was 
editing the Southern Advocate and prided myself on my black and white stills - 
pictures. Angela looked very bad back then so I would photograph her in the best 
light and angle. She was stressed out. It takes a very hard and tough women to 
fuck around with Panthers and the prison sense . . . and survive lead 

I am not being funny but I am spiritual and as most know by now I am not 
anticlerical. My spiritual quest is to die of old age, clinging to the Marx 
prophecy. I am scared to death that the next wave is going to be some Panther type 
young people and I am going over to their fucking office. 

I just don't get it. What is it about guns that get the girls?  

Yea. Lynn Marcus crew was outright fascists and everyone else was in the 
perpetual slug fist with the political police.  Purging two-three hundred members 
for being Gay is some Police shit. 

We did spend an inordinate amount of time staying out of jail. One comrade 
was jailed for petty larceny and ended up doing 20 years after they found out 
who he was. I can mention him - Don Roberts, whose grasp of the prison system is 
unprecedented. He has all the keys to the evolution of the penal system and 
the role of the Nation of Islam behind bars. I swore to one day record his 
story and remember lots of things he would tell me. 


Melvin P 

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