[Marxism] New 'revolution'

Philip Ferguson PLF13 at student.canterbury.ac.nz
Thu Apr 22 19:34:41 MDT 2004

Issue #22 of 'revolution' is finally out!  Another 40 pages packed full
of lucid analysis and revolutionary politics from Down Under (New Zealand).

'revolution' #22


3 Editorial: Oppose their wars on Iraq • Philip Ferguson
4 Fusion - new revolutionary group forming

5 The people fight back • Philip Ferguson looks at the rise of
resistance in Iraq and the growing problems faced by Washington
11 Occupation forces attack union movement • David Bacon and Ken Morgan
13 Interim constitution = sham democracy • Spark (US)

Myths of the new imperialism
14 Afghanistan: behind the facade of democracy • Leslie Feinberg
16 The myth of humanitarian imperialism • Will Shannon
18 UN: friend or foe • Philip Ferguson and Scott Hamilton

20 Celebrating two years of the Anti-Capitalist Alliance
In two short years, the ACA has grown into the largest far left current
in NZ; here we review the developments

22 People's Resistance - 2004: organising against imperialism
In June the ACA is sponsoring a national anti-imperialist conference in
Auckland, the first of its kind in many years

23 US military spending - whatever happened to the 'peace dividend'? •
Louis Proyect
24 Big dollars in NZ's 'defence' industry • Fin Williams

25 India and the democracy myth • Daphna Whitmore was a member of the
ACA delegation to Mumbai-Resistance 2004; here she looks at the harsh
realities of modern India

28 The struggle for abortion rights • Renata Johnston reviews the
current state of NZ abortion law and the struggle for women's right to

31 Maori liberation versus the Treaty industry • Huw Jarvis looks at the
rise of bi-partisan Treaty politics, the foreshore debate, the new Maori
middle class and business class and why working class Maori remain at
the bottom of the heap

37 Daphna Whitmore on Michael King's 'History of New Zealand'
39 Tom O'Lincoln on Liz Ross' account of the Australian Builders
Labourers Federation

40 Are the bosses indispensable? (cartoon)

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