[Marxism] From Lenin to Earth Day

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Thu Apr 22 20:07:13 MDT 2004


This wasn't intended as any slur on the WWP/YAWF.  We noted at the time
that what they were doing in Houston was out of step with what the
organization was doing elsewhere in the country.  As I said, this was
some pre-existing local group of inexperienced and confused characters
that had joined WWP/YAWF en masse.  (And I don't think they stayed with
the organization long.)  

That said, there is no chance my memory is mistaken on this having been
a WWP/YAWF affiliagte.  At one point, its attempt to break up a Militant
Forum ended in a free-for-all festival of fisticuffs for several minutes
in the SWP bookstore (in which one of the SWP comrades took a blackjack
from a YAWFer).  I repeat, though, we knew this was a strange aberration
from what the organization was doing nationally.

Also, I suspect, this local weirdness was heavily infiltrated.

Perhaps Louis remembers more on this.  Nelson B. was the SWP organizer
at the time and Peter G. was the speaker at the meeting that ended in
the fight.

Mark L.

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