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Why is my post carrying a message from Xxxxxx on the banned thread?

bill weller
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> I find the list very informative and interesting but what is the point of
> this when the left is so separated.  While the capitalist/ conservative
> world is destroying the working class, the left is fragmenting,fighting
> all together alienating itself from the working class. Its great to be
> educated in Marxist socialism but it is not creating a working class
> The NoWar campaigns worldwide were a good springboard to build a anti
> capitalist/globalist workers party but the left missed the boat again.
> the left gets its act together and work on common ground our lives are
> doomed to the warmongering capitalist sucking Bush,Howard,Blair
> Bill Weller
> A great way to keep alienating more potential Jewish supporters is to
> in crude
> sloganeering {i.e.-Zionism is racism) about Israel.
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