Dealing appropriately with Zionists (was: Re: [Marxism] Re:Raymond's Mail

Mark Lause MLause at
Fri Apr 23 06:57:51 MDT 2004

"A great way to keep alienating more potential Jewish supporters is to
engage in crude sloganeering {i.e.-Zionism is racism) about Israel."

The logic here is downright humorous, despite the unfunny
implications... Talking about slavery was alienating whites who may or
may not own slaves, we shouldn't raise offensive slogans.  Women's
rights piss off some men, so that's out the window.  Aryans might take
offense if we argue against Adolph's notion of a racially purified
state, so straighten up your pickelhaube, comrade, and learn to

If it walks like a troll and talks like a troll, what else is it?

Mark L.

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