[Marxism] reality

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Fri Apr 23 09:18:53 MDT 2004

Lana wrote, "I may be missing the boat here, but I think that if we
focus on some common threads among us, and gain strength and support
from each other we could have the potential to do great things.
Good old Abe said 'a nation divided cannot stand.'  Neither can a party
such as ours.  Maybe I am to idealistic, but if we continue to focus on
our differences, and who is 'smarter' or 'radical'" or who would be
better suited to fit in the party...we will accomplish NOTHING."

With all respect, Lana, what "party" is that?  Based on not discussing
differences, we might all just as easily be Greens or Democrats or--for
that matter--Republicans.  For years--decades, now--I've argued that
radicals have made too much of their differences, but some differences
place us on different sides of what we call the former Soviet Union and
other differences place us on different sides of armed barricades.

Indeed, using Lincoln's phrase out of context (as you have done) raises
a question as to whether he might have been making too much of his
differences with the Slaveocracy.

Just what differences, if any, are important to you?

Mark L.

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