[Marxism] Walter L's inquiry re Lyn Marcus

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Fri Apr 23 09:32:26 MDT 2004

Yes, I remember 49th and Blackstone, but I'm sorry
I do not remember you. Jack and Betsey Barnes, Dave
and Bev Wulp, and Joel and Linda Britton lived at
the leadership commune at 909 E. 55th street back
in those days. Thanks for taking me back for a few
moments down memory lane. Though not nostalgic,
I do recall those days from time to time.

Can't recall your visit to meet with me, but I'm
sure I was both polite and uninterested in the SL.

Of course I could and would never support the SL
since they militantly advocate the overthrow of the
revolutionary government of Cuba, and always have:

"As part of our defense of the Cuban Revolution, 
we fight for a workers political revolution to 
oust the Stalinist bureaucracy in Havana and 
establish a regime of workers democracy, based 
on the power of workers councils, and 
revolutionary internationalism."

I always get a chuckle out of the SL explanation
that they're for the MILITARY DEFENSE of Cuba
while calling simultaneously for the OVERTHROW
of Cuba's Commander-in-Chief! An absurd position.

Walter Lippmann

We both lived in the YSA/SWP commune at 49th & Blackstone
in Chicago (Hyde Park-Kenwood) during the spring of 1964. I
have a reasonably good recollection of you at the time as
we spent a fair amount of time together. I am 6'5" -- that
might jog your memory. I also remember driving from Chicago
to Madison about a year later with Bob Sherwood, a Spart
organizer, to feel you out about the Sparts. Bob was a
Spart rep at the 1966 Montreal conferences with Gerry
Healy. An SWP pamphlet was later issued with the conference
documents: "How Healy Rebuilds the 4th International."

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