[Marxism] Iraq-Sweden immigration news

Jurriaan Bendien andromeda246 at hetnet.nl
Fri Apr 23 11:02:45 MDT 2004

2004-02-25  The Swedish Migration Board has decided in three landmark Iraqi
asylum cases. The general situation in Iraq does not provide legitimate
grounds for granting a residence permit, the Board concludes. All claims
will however be examined individually and Iraqis will be granted residence
permits if there are special circumstances that effect their eligibility for
protection. The decisions now made by the Swedish Migration Board have
precedential value and serve as guidelines for the assessment of Iraqi
asylum cases. One of the test cases involves a man belonging to a minority
group in Kurdish-controlled Iraq. The man originally claimed asylum because
he feared prosecution from Saddam Hussein´s regime. Later he added that the
ongoing struggle for power in northern Iraq has put his minority group in a
vulnerable position, but the Board rejects his claim.  The Board notes that
there is a promising ongoing democratisation process taking place in the
country, particularly in the Kurdish-controlled northern provinces. The
occuring attacks are directed towards the Coalition Forces and those
supporting the Coalition. Attacks are not aimed at Iraqis returning from
exile. The Board believes the security situation is safe enough for Iraqis
to return. (...) Due to the uncertain situation in Iraq the Swedish
Migration Board  has put effectively all Iraqi asylum cases on hold since
the war began in March last year. At the moment there are about 5 400 Iraqi
asylum claimants in Sweden awaiting a decision in their case. Following the
Board´s precedential decisions and assessement of the security situation in
Iraq, a large number of Iraqis are now likely to have their claims rejected.
Each case will however be reviewed individually and those in need of asylum
or humanitarian protection will be granted a permanent residence permit.


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