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Sat Apr 24 04:04:48 MDT 2004

Lana wrote, "I may be missing the boat here, but I think that if we
focus on some common threads among us, and gain strength and support
from each other we could have the potential to do great things.
Good old Abe said 'a nation divided cannot stand.'  Neither can a party
such as ours.  Maybe I am to idealistic, but if we continue to focus on
our differences, and who is 'smarter' or 'radical'" or who would be
better suited to fit in the party...we will accomplish NOTHING."


I had to retrace this thread and other of your comments to try and construct 
who I think or imagine myself to understand the context. It is fascinating 
that the various writers and activists partaking of Marxmail are conceived as a 
"party" despite "ideological" and different political postures on a variety of 

I am also keeping in mind that Marxism is a name brand of communism, and my 
personal path from Christian communism to Marxism/communism. Marx and Engels 
did not invent the communist doctrine. Our collective fight is for the happiness 
of humanity or apparently what you call beauty. 

Perhaps, some of us "old industrial warriors" - abolitionists on the side of 
the proletariat, need to consider lowering the bar on our noble ideology 
without surrendering our brand name. Interesting. 

By no means is Marxmail what we have in the past called a Leninist form of 
party. Then again many of us advocate the over throw of the old Leninists form 
and your view seems to intersect with that proposition. 


Melvin P. 

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