[Marxism] I feel a draft coming (was Re: CNN poll...)

David McDonald dbmcdonald at comcast.net
Sat Apr 24 19:57:31 MDT 2004

I agree on the draft. It is now clearly impossible for the US to respond
to any major challenge anywhere on the face of the earth, and in
particular against any of the members of the axis of evil. Three weeks
ago I might have argued that the US might conceivably try to invade
Syria, but that is totally off the table for the foreseeable future. The
North Koreans have understood this for at least a year and that has been
the basis for the righteous intransigence they have brought to
negotiations with the US government.

The draft is one of the reasons Kerry can promote himself as the "go to"
guy for the ruling class. It will be easier for him to re-instate than
for Bush, because of the latter's record. Re-instating the draft is bad
enough without having to do it under the leadership of a draft avoider.
Better Kerry any day.

His other main selling point is his ability to do kissy-face with the
European rulers, something that is not possible for Bush.

It will be interesting to see if his sideline inanities about the war in
Iraq can survive the upcoming attack on Fallujah and the monumental
resistance we expect it will call forth all over Iraq. His position is
based on the idea that the US rulers are still OK with the
invasion/occupation of Iraq, just waiting for the problems to shake out,
as opposed to a situation where real differences about assessing the
outcome become a factor in presidential politics

David McDonald

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