[Marxism] US majority still believe lies about Iraq WMDs, Al-Qaeda support

Stuart Lawrence stuartlawrence at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 25 08:46:40 MDT 2004

Americans Continue to Believe Iraq Supported Al Qaeda, Had WMD

According to a new PIPA/Knowledge Networks poll, a majority of Americans
(57%) continue to believe that before the war Iraq was providing
substantial support to al Qaeda, including 20% who believe that Iraq was
directly involved in the September 11 attacks. Forty-five percent
believe that evidence that Iraq was supporting al Qaeda has been found.

Sixty percent believe that just before the war Iraq either had weapons
of mass destruction (38%) [including 22% who believe Iraq possessed
actual nuclear weapons!] or a major program for developing them (22%).

Despite statements by Richard Clarke, David Kay, Hans Blix and others,
few Americans perceive most experts as saying the contrary. Only 15%
said they are hearing “experts mostly agree Iraq was not providing
substantial support to al Qaeda,” while 82% either said that “experts
mostly agree Iraq was providing substantial support” (47%) or “experts
are evenly divided on the question” (35%). Only 34% said they thought
most experts believe Iraq did not have WMD, while 65% said most experts
say Iraq did have them (30%) or that experts are divided on the question

Not surprisingly, perceptions of what experts are saying are highly
correlated with beliefs about prewar Iraq, which in turn are highly
correlated with support for the decision to go to war.

* * *
Beliefs about prewar Iraq appear to be also sustained by perceptions of
claims by the Bush administration. Fifty-six percent said it was their
impression that the Bush administration is claiming the US has found
clear evidence that Saddam Hussein was working closely with al Qaeda,
and 38% perceived the administration saying the US has found clear
evidence that just before the war, Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

* * *

Despite polling showing that the majority of world public opinion is
opposed to the US war with Iraq, only 41% were aware that this is the
case. A 59% majority was unaware of this, with 21% saying that a
majority of world public opinion favored the US having gone to war, and
38% saying “views are evenly balanced.”

Among those who knew that world public opinion opposed the US going to
war with Iraq, only 25% thought that going to war was the right
decision. Among the group that thought world public opinion was about
evenly balanced, 70% said going to war was the right decision, and among
those who perceived world public opinion as favoring the war, 88% said
going to war the right decision.


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