[Marxism] Ralph Nader on Iraq: Gag me with a spoon!

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 25 09:10:44 MDT 2004

I found and find nothing wrong with Granma's reports on Kerry. 
Of course, I'm not Cuban and my view is that of an individual.
The decisions that the Cubans make are life and death to them,
and they make that opinion unmistakably clear. They see there
is a difference between Bush and Kerry that matters to them.

Louis wrote also that Granma had been miseducating its readers 
when it reported favorably on criticism of the war by leading
Democrats such as Senators Robert Byrd and Ted Kennedy:

This implies likewise that Cubans are miseducating people about
the UN as well, since they call for it to be reformed while as
against your eloquent "a class analysis of the United Nations":

As a Cuba solidarity activist I felt then and feel now it's
urgent to let people know what the Cubans think on the important 
issues in the world, and particularly on US politics. They have
organized and led a revolution, and kept it in quite good condition
for forty-five years. This is a pretty solid track record in my
view. Cuba's views are often misunderstood and misrepresented, 
even by some who people call themselves Marxists.

Even though in the marketplace of ideas, all ideas are equal, 
and should be considered strictly on the basis of their merits, 
the opinions of successful revolutionaries deserve considerable
care and close attention. 

That doesn't mean that I thus endorse any of their opinions,
views or actions. I try to understand them, and want Cuba's
real views to be clearly understood. That's the most vital
thing needed: first, understanding and then, accurately 
reporting Cuban actions and opinions. That's what my work
is basically committed to.

Some people on the left make a fetish out of independence.
I don't belong to any party-type of organization, but then
I don't make a fetish out of that. It's just a fact. I know
what a party or party-type of grouping can accomplish and
wish there was one I could properly join. For the moment,
there isn't.

Further, I don't hesitate to express views that aren't in
agreement with those of the Cubans if they are that vital
to me. Cubans speak favorably of Stalin, but I do not:

Nader certainly has better views on Cuba than Bush and
Kerry do. He went to Cuba and spoke at the University of
Havana like Carter did. He didn't endorse the Varela
Project when there. I spoke with him about his views
on Cuba and what he said there, but he explained to me
that he didn't write speeches and doesn't use a computer,
so he couldn't give me anything expressing his views or
a transcript of his remarks in Cuba. I tried to find a
transcript in Cuba, too, without success. 


Kerry HAS spoken recently in Miami in favor of the right 
to travel to Cuba, which is an issue of really great 
urgency for the security of the Cuban Revolution today.
I can fully understand why the Cubans feel as they do.
And I don't see any reason to fault them for it. If you
see my reporting on the thines they say as reflecting 
"a certain inconsistency" in my outlook, it's fine with 
me that you hold that opinion. 

Walter Lippmann

Walter, I detect a certain inconsistency in your outlook.
When Granma wrote positively of the Kerry campaign, you
found nothing wrong with that. As far as Nader's position
is concerned, it will be seen as way to the left of Kerry
and Bush. There are some good people who are confused about
the role of the UN, including Rahul Mahajan, a frequent
contributor to Counterpunch. I plan to vote for Nader
myself and might even be persuaded to tear myself away from
my computer to pass out campaign literature.

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