[Marxism] KnowledgeNetworks panel majority still believe lies aboutIraq WMDs, Al-Qaeda support

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sun Apr 25 10:36:05 MDT 2004

I think Lou's probably right about the unrepresentative nature of people
offering to give unspecified information about their views free and on
demand.  They do take great pains to match the demographics, but that's
not the same.  The company that organizes it, implements, and puts a
price on this information is always interested in misrepresenting the
quality of the information.  There's never any way to check it.

I've been asked to participate in such groups a couple of times--I don't
know why.  They say what I have to say is valuable, and I respond by
asking me how much they'll pay for it.  Ends the discussion pretty
quickly.  They just move down the list to the next "representative"
middle-aged white guy living in roughly the same area with roughly the
same income.  They might be able to get the same answers when it comes
to whether our demographic will buy green corn chips....so the
information on that may have some merit.

However, they won't get the same answer when it turns on how much the
respondent trusts authority or corporate business or channels of
information.  Simply put, they've got a sampling preselected to provide
a disproportionate number of Mister Blocks.

Mark L. 

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