[Marxism] Working poor face hunger, healthcare crisis

Derek Seidman derekseidman at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 25 12:25:17 MDT 2004

They are the forgotten ones unemployment numbers don't

By Tim Jones
Tribune national correspondent
April 25, 2004

McARTHUR, Ohio -- The food line begins to form during
the sunrise chill, more than two hours before the
metal gates to the Care United Methodist Outreach
pantry open.

Hundreds of people like Theresa Ware arrive early
because they fear the boxes of food stacked in neat
rows will be gone by the time they push their rusty
grocery carts to the head of the hours-long line. Ware
keeps an eye on her watch because she can't afford to
be late for work, not even if the reason is to pick up

"This is a have-to case for us. It's humiliating,"
said Ware, 49, who makes $7.50 an hour working the
afternoon shift at a nursing home. This recent visit
was one of two food pantry stops she and her
unemployed husband, Rocky, make every month.

"We shouldn't have to do this," she said.

Theresa and Rocky Ware toil in the ranks of the
working poor, a growing category of millions of
Americans who play by the rules of the working world
and still can't make ends meet.


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