[Marxism] Bush, the lesser evil?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Apr 25 14:43:12 MDT 2004

(In this editorial, the liberal NY Times, which is likely to back the 
liberal Senator Kerry, calls for more US troops and an end to "half 
measures". This is shaping up to be an interesting division between the two 
factions of America's ruling party. The "extremist" Bush faction is being 
outflanked to the right by the moderates whose banner is carried by the NY 
Times, The Nation and the DSA.)

NY Times editorial, April 25, 2004
A Stronger Force in Iraq

President Bush should be sending yellow roses to Gen. Eric Shinseki and 
begging him to come back. Before the war in Iraq, General Shinseki, then 
the Army chief of staff, said that Mr. Bush was going to need "several 
hundred thousand" soldiers to occupy and stabilize the country. The general 
was denounced by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's civilian team and 
then ushered into retirement. Mr. Bush clung to Mr. Rumsfeld's misguided 
idea that a minimal force could not only capture Baghdad but could also 
hold, stabilize and rebuild an entire country.

Mr. Rumsfeld was right about the lightning strike into Baghdad. But he was 
tragically wrong about everything else, and the deeper the United States 
gets into this badly planned occupation, the more American soldiers are 
paying the price. In the 13 months of war, about 700 American soldiers have 
been listed as killed, including at least 100 just in April. The White 
House cannot continue to deny our forces and the Iraqi people the 
protection that adequate troop strength would provide.


We may, in the end, find that the task Mr. Bush has laid out for the brave 
men and women in the military and the brave Iraqi citizens who are 
struggling to create a better future is simply impossible to achieve. But 
we have not reached that point. This is not the moment for retreat and it 
certainly is not the moment for half measures.

Louis Proyect
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