[Marxism] marxists.com and wsws

Philip Ferguson plf13 at student.canterbury.ac.nz
Sun Apr 25 20:33:13 MDT 2004

Louis wrote:
>In a way, the high quality of the Wood-Grant website reminds me of 
wsws.org. Both outfits have a rather modest presence on the ground but 
sustain a useful cyber-presence that is indispensable as long as you 
bracket out the Trotskyist "crisis of leadership--we're here to solve 
it" boiler-plate. There's some kind of lesson here, what it is I'm not 
exactly sure.

I think both these sites contain lots of great stuff, and we've
reprinted some things from wsws ourselves.

It's odd how the websites are *so different* from the groups on the

Take the people behind wsws.

They have one long-time member in NZ, who just happens to work in the
same place as one of our members.  Their member was pretty much
semi-secret, although he has been a member of theirs for  many, many

Our member got arrested over burning a NZ flag and so was 'outed' as a
Marxist pretty quickly, and there was a campaign to get him sacked,
which happily did not succeed, although he got convicted over the

Anyway, the wsws person was very helpful with advice and assistance in
terms of the jobsite, and has also been a very good ally for our comrade
when he took on becoming chair of the union branch at that worksite.

We have invited this wsws person to come along to Anti-Capitalist
Alliance stuff, especially since we are ourselves an alliance, but he
doesn't come and says he'd have to get permission from Australia.  

More recently, our comrade approached the wsws guy about leadng a
'Capital' study group which the ACA and other leftists are interested in
setting up in that particular city.  Once again, however, his response
was that he would have to ask permission from Australia, and I doubt
that such permission will be forthcoming, although the wsws-er will no
doubt continue to be a good union co-worker with our comrade at that

Now, it turns out the wsws are bringing their US presidential candidate
to that city and organising a meeting for him at the local university.

So, rather than get involved in a serious left current here (the ACA),
with which this wsws cde would have little in the way of serious,
practical disagreements (the disagreements would be to do with wsws
theology about Healy, Cannon, David North, who did what in the 1950s and
other such nonsense), he'd spend his time and energy on presumably
paying a chunk of the fare for, and organising by himself a meeting for,
an irrelevant US presidential candidate.

The other amusing thing is that he calls us 'nationalists' for not
signing up to any fake 'international' like the one which he is signed
up to and which prevents him doing any practical organising work for the
revolution at all in NZ.

Great website; shame about the practical politics.

Philip Ferguson

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