[Marxism] Bush, the lesser evil?

Steven L. Robinson srobin21 at comcast.net
Mon Apr 26 06:51:24 MDT 2004

One thing is for sure, with Kerry we can anticipate a massive escalation in
the conflict, accompanied by the draft on a massive scale, along with the
silence (or support) of many of the personalities and organizations now a
part of the anti-war movement (move-on and working assets will probably
become vocal supporters of the war), with only ANSWER and the hard left
still trying to mobilize anti-war sentiment, at least at the outset. It will
probably be pretty lonly being against the war in most places in this
country (in the Bay Area, we could at least anticipate a few hundred to show
up at demonstrations against a Democrat President, as was the case in the
late 1990s). If Bush gets re-elected, there will probably be more
constraints on his ability to escalate the war and certainly much more

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