[Marxism] Imperialists Thwart UN Probe of Haiti Coup

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Mon Apr 26 00:50:26 MDT 2004

While Trying to Send Aristide Back to Africa
U.S. and France Thwart UN Investigation of Haiti Coup 

Haïti Progrès, April 21, 2004

''The reasons are obvious,'' the IPS quotes an anonymous Caribbean
diplomat as saying. ''We are under tremendous pressure not to follow up
on our request.''
Although the Haitian president has been kept in a remote mountain-top
former mining colony under heavy guard, rigorous vetting of visitors,
and strict orders not to speak to the press, Washington still wants him
removed from the hemisphere immediately. U.S. officials feel his mere
presence some 200 miles from Haiti will excite the very masses they say
sent him packing.
Meanwhile last week, on the anniversary of the failed 2002 coup against
him, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez reiterated his condemnation of the
coup in Haiti and his willingness to offer Aristide asylum. Such a
prospect will raise hackles in Washington. Not only would Aristide
remain in the Caribbean but be based in a nation more willing and able
to stand up to U.S. bullying.

Then there is the sheer symbolism. Haiti, Latin America's first
independent nation, helped Simon Bolivar liberate the second, Venezuela.
If the current presidents of these two nations, both targeted today by
the U.S., join together to fight against Washington's destabilization
campaigns, the synergy of the alliance will energize mass resistance far
beyond their borders. 


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