[Marxism] Chavez praises Marxist.com and backs Hands off Venezuela campaign

James Daly james.irldaly at ntlworld.com
Mon Apr 26 05:37:11 MDT 2004

The current thread on Chavez and Marxist.com seems a good place to
bring up (no pun intended) their nauseating position on Ireland --


-- which is full of misinformation, cliche and absurdity. Ted Grant's
fantasy of the correct way to defend civil rights activists in Derry
from the RUC and B-specials was an armed Catholic and Protestant trade
union based militia! The error of the Stalinist "Official" Republicans
was that they thought the *national* question had to be dealt with
before the social one! The guru of this particular cult claimed that
it was not sectarian, but that there were 57 brands of sectarians,
among them the SWP,  all unthinkingly supporting the Provos.

James Daly

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