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>Hmm.  I'm under 30 and female and try to be Marxist.  Is this comment
supposed to reflect Abbie Hoffman's recent comment not to trust anyone under
thirty?  :)  Do you find the political consciousness of people under 30 to
be so vacuous?  Are people on this list pessimistic about the younger
generation of revolutionaries?  I hope not.<

Stacey B.

Vacuous or without content! Absolutely no. 

Actually, we are that a a certain social consciousness that is not yet 
political consciousness. Of my five children one is male, he is 32, then 29, 25, 22 
and 20. 

I wrote the below which is part of the problem: 

>I am not sure but the women under 30 years old are giving us the blues and 
it might take a little longer to figure out their direction.<

The "blues" does not mean "bad" or pessimistic," but was used to express a 
feeling or the emotions of being anxious and jittery with ones own ignorance of 
what the younger generation is actually feeling, expressing in their daily 
life and the evolution of their social awareness.  

In terms of women who are the majority of society and the majority of the 
working class, ne3 features are going to emerge in every facet of the social 
struggle and women are going to absolutely run things and enforce an equality 
based of difference. 

"An equality based on difference" is not the same as an equality based on 
economic sameness or like everyone being in a Union getting the same wages and 
benefits.  In other words I grew up in another period of history and at times 
feel like an old fool, because no matter how hard I try to get out of the way I 
trip over my big feet and end up falling on someone. 

The future of the world is resting on the young people. 

I would greatly appreciate it is someone would kindly show me the exit. 

Melvin P. :-( 

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