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I would encourage newcomers not to waste time in debate with Melvin. He 
is very, very, very rigid in his views and not open to persuasion. On 
the other hand, he is a very valuable participant on the list with a 
unique experience in the African-American led auto-worker caucuses and 
Maoist party-building experiments of the 1970s. You have to take his 
crotchety complaints about Trotskyites, people under 30 and the price of 
a good cigar with a grain of salt, just as you would take your Uncle 
Ned's at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Your real veiws are showing and I am of course familiar with the underlying 
ideological logic.  

I was elelcted Executive Board member of the American Writers Congers. This 
is not an African American led Group. I was a leading member in the Liberation 
Theology movement in America and the Detroit 2 Conference. This is not an 
African American led Group. I was elected Committee in the Machining Division of 
Mound Road Engine with a non black majority and can prove that the UAW is not 
an African American led Group. 

I was a founding member of the Communist League and the Communist Labor Party 
and can prove these were not "African-American led auto-worker caucus." I did 
not complain about people under 30 . . and you are a liar to state - imply, 
that I did. 

I was a founding member of the Equal Right Congress and can prove that this 
was not an "African-American led auto-worker caucus." In fact it was 
multinational with mostly Mexicans and Chicano with a majority of women in the 
leadership 90% under 30.  

I do appreciate that most of the Trotskyite political tradition do not engage 
me with their tradition because it is not mine. You are correct to speak of 
my unique experience as a leader of the working class . . . not the African 
American people.  See . . . sir I am not a black leader and have written 
extensively on the evolution of what is called the black leader. To paint me with that 
brush is understandable given your political tradition. If I am a black 
leader and not proven leader of the working class, then what are you Lou? I do not 
doubt your commitment . . . but exactly what are you if I am who you imply? 

You have been generous with me Mr. Moderator and I appreciate this. I am not 
compelled to accept your politics and never confuse the Moderator with the guy 
that attempt to write history is his bizarre image. 

To set the record straight I was a founding member of the League of 
Revolutionary Black Workers, which lasted for less than 36 months.  The LRBW was not an 
"African-American led auto-worker caucus." It was a federated form of 
organization with communist at its core. The LRBW defined and materialized the 
political speration that took place between the black bourgeoisie and the black 
workers. I was also Executive Board member of the Coalition of Black Trade 
Unionist - Detroit, which is not a caucus. I headed the "Labor for Baker Committee" 
during the vote Communist Campaign in 1976 and 1978 and this was not an 
"African-American led autoworker caucus." 

You are a liar to call or imply the we as a collective were Maoists and 
cannot produce one document from the history of the Communist League or the 
Communist Labor Party to sustain that view. In fact we wrote the "theoretical book" 
on the Mao dialectic . . . which I wrote about some time ago and is part of the 
archives of Marxmail. 

You are 

indirectly correct to state that I am rigid with my theory views. My history 
would tend to say I am absolutely flexible in my practical activity. 

Plus when did I lose my tag as the resident Stalinist? 

By the way the piece I wrote on Women's Right is pretty good and in front of 
what is written on Marxmail claiming a Marxist framework.  In fact its real 
good and difficult for a comrade under 30 to grasp at first sight. 

Melvin P. 

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