[Marxism] solidarity with the Resistance

T.Hartin t.hartin at qmul.ac.uk
Mon Apr 26 10:06:21 MDT 2004

Walden Bello April 18
>Where is the Peace Movement?
> The paralysis that has gripped the Democrats on Iraq can only be
> broken by one thing: a strong anti-war movement such as that which
> took to the streets daily and in the thousands before and after the
> Tet Offensive in 1968. So far that has not materialized, though
> disillusion with US policy in Iraq has spread to more than half of
> the US population.
> Indeed, at the very time that it is needed by developments in Iraq,
> the international peace movement has had trouble getting in gear. The
> demonstrations on March 20 of this year were significantly smaller
> than the Feb.10 marches last year
*BBC News 26 April
>Al-Arabiya TV has broadcast a new tape, purportedly from militants threatening to kill three Italians held in Iraq.*
>The Arabic channel reported that the captors said they
>would release the hostages if protests were held in Italy against the
>country's presence in Iraq.

Osama Bin Laden April 18
>Moreover, the examining of the developments that have been taking
>place, in terms of killings in our countries and your countries, will
>make clear an important fact; namely, that injustice is inflicted on us
>and on you by your politicians, who send your sons - although you are
>opposed to this - to our countries to kill and be killed. 
>Therefore, it is in both sides' interest to curb the plans of those who
>shed the blood of peoples for their narrow personal interest and
>subservience to the White House gang.

I was quite struck by the last release of Osama's. It seems there is a 
mixed consciousnes going on between seeing the Western masses as allies yet 
sending bombs that kill those same allies. Surely the logic for them is to help us
overthrow our own rulers. What happened in Spain can't be a tactical rule for them.. 
surely they know that Aznar could easily have been re-elected as people here have pointed out.

At the same time it seems to me that the Iraqi masses are crying out for real solidarity.
I think that militant mass anti-war rallies are MORE important now that the resistance in 
Iraq is spreading. The Iraqi masses do want to see - particularly now with the assault on Falluja and the 
one about to happen on Najaf - that we in the West are prepared to bleed for them. 

And I mean this literally.

I don't know what the situation is elsewhere but here in Britain it seems that the anti-war movement 
has been largely turned over to the electoral needs of RESPECT. I think this is a huge mistake 
both domestically and internationally.

Tony H

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