[Marxism] North Korea States That Final Phase of Preperation Has Begun for US Attack

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The News (Pakistan)
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N Korea threatens to abandon border accord

SEOUL: North Korea’s army threatened Sunday to abandon a crucial 50-year-old 
security accord that ended the Korean war, accusing the United States of 
preparing to attack the communist country.

The threat came after South Korea said 12 days ago that the United States 
agreed to withdraw a large portion of its troops guarding the truce village 
of Panmunjom in the four-kilometer-wide (2.4 mile) buffer zone by October.

Panmunjom and its adjacent joint security area (JSA) have been guarded by 
North Korean soldiers and US troops since the 1950-53 Korean War ended in an 
armistice accord.

South Korean officials said the US troop cut in Panmunjom was designed to 
give South Korea more control over the defense of its border with North 

The United States has proposed the transfer of its duties in Panmunjom to 
South Korea as part of broad plans to relocate troops in the region.

But a North Korean People’s Army (KPA) spokesman said the US troop cut in 
Panmunjom showed it was giving up its duty as a signatory to the armistice 
accord (AA).

"The US is massively shipping ultra-modern arms and equipment into South 
Korea and staging war exercises against the DPRK one after another...," the 
official said in a statement carried by the official Korean Central News 

"The US decision to take even its small force out of the JSA ... against 
this backdrop indicates that the US preparations for a preemptive attack 
upon the DPRK (North Korea) are under way at a final phase," he said.

"This situation prompts the KPA side not to allow such a thing ... and 
compels it to take whatever strong measure to protect its own security," he 
said. North Korea would "comprehensively examine the issue of security" in 
Panmunjom and "all the provisions" of the armistice accord, he said.

The spokesman said the United States should not forget it was technically at 
war with North Korea and "in an unstable state of armistice as they have not 
yet settled the belligerent relationship."

US and North Korean officers have maintained unofficial contact in the truce 
village to prevent accidental conflicts.

Panmunjom serves an inter-Korean contact point but North Korea insists it 
will talk only with the United States on security matters related to the 
1953 armistice accord.

The spokesman denounced the United States for abandoning "the last means of 
contact" and "the security for talks" with North Korea. US troops are in 
charge of security in the buffer zone.

"The disturbance of the order and security in Panmunjom ... would have a 
serious impact on the preservation of the armistice in Korea and this would 
push the situation to a very grave phase of tension," he said.

South Korea and the United States are locked in talks on the relocation of 
some 37,000 US troops stationed here under a mutual defense pact.

The relocation calls for the United States to relinquish its only military 
outpost, Outpost Ouellette, near Panmunjom to South Korea this year. A 
platoon of US soldiers in Ouellette have patrolled a key part of the buffer 

The United States also wants to relocate a 15,000-member US infantry 
division from the frontline to bases south of Seoul.

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