[Marxism] People my age

Stacey Barber emusis at adelphia.net
Mon Apr 26 11:21:26 MDT 2004

I wasn't offended by Melvin P.

At least in the U.S., a lot of people my age I've run into who are political
tend to do it in the framework of postmodernism, which tends to be a form of
left wing populism.  Class definitely comes into play, but class is looked
on as being on equal par with other forms of oppression.  There also tends
to be the feeling that whatever someone's politics are, then they need to be
based in their own experience of the world.  i.e. Truth needs to stem from
what is pragmatic and concrete.  Maybe a legacy from feminism's the personal
is the political and / or identity politics, I don't know.  But I think it's
fair to say that is how I tend to think a bit and maybe how other people my
age (mid twenties) and a little older or a little younger think.

I would definitely say there's a definite reaction in the U.S. against the
American dream not panning out to be the American dream.  At least I know
people my age who went to college or even grad school and still end up
getting jobs that they could probably get if they hadn't even bothered with
college in the first place, and these are people from white, middle class
backgrounds like myself.  But it's more an undefined disgust more than
anything else.  That's not something really reflected in the poles since a
lot of people my age don't vote.  I don't vote.  I don't think I have
anything to vote for, so why bother?   Some of the anti-war stuff and a few
things locally I've participated in, but it'd be like pulling teeth with me
to get me to vote for either Bush or Kerry.

It seems like the recent moves to hike college tution and try to do away
with affirmative action are reflective of the capitalists knowing that there
are fewer and are going to be fewer of typically middle class jobs in the
future. We're not going to be as wealthy as our parents.  That's for damned
sure.  I think that one has pretty much been shattered.  At least I feel
pretty downwardly mobile and going nowhere.

Stacey B.

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