[Marxism] Re: KnowledgeNetworks panel majority still believe lies about Iraq WMDs, Al-Qaeda support

Suresh borhyaenid at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 26 13:46:13 MDT 2004

Well, here's a Harris poll taken early this month,
which seems to corroborate the results from Knowledge
Networks. Putting aside issues of statistical
reliability, and problems with bourgeois hegemonic
assumptions necessarily implicit in mainstream poll
questioning, it appears that despite weeks of critical
media coverage of the administration, of being
bombarded by whole squadrons of whistle-blowers and
leakers and the like, the basic perception of the war
in Iraq has changed remarkably little:

"A 51% to 38% majority continues to believe that "Iraq
actually had weapons of mass destruction," virtually
unchanged since February.

A 49% to 36% plurality of all adults continues to
believe that "clear evidence that Iraq was supporting
Al Qaeda has been found." These numbers have scarcely
changed since June 2003.

A 51% to 43% plurality continues to believe that
"intelligence given before the war to President Bush
by the CIA and others about Iraqi's weapons of mass
destruction" was "completely" or "somewhat" accurate.
In February a 50% to 45% plurality believed this.

While a 43% plurality believes that the "U.S.
government deliberately exaggerated the reports of
weapons of mass destruction in Iraq to increase
support for war," a 50% plurality (also virtually
unchanged over the last eight months) continues to
believe that the government "tried to present the
information accurately." 
These are the results of a nationwide Harris Poll of
979 adults surveyed by telephone by Harris
Interactive® between April 8 and 15, 2004."


This is symptomatic of the damnable stubbornness and
simple-mindedness of the American psyche, which is
something any aspiring homegrown socialist movement
might just as well emulate. What's the old line?
Communism as 20th century Americanism? The level of
chauvinism and deference to authority in this country
never ceases to astound me. More than 100 years after
Frederick Jackson Turner, and we're still wrestling
with the frontier ethos!

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