[Marxism] Re: KnowledgeNetworks panel majority still believe lies about Iraq WMDs, Al-Qaeda support

Stuart Lawrence stuartlawrence at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 26 14:35:36 MDT 2004

Thanks, Suresh. I meant to post a follow-up to say that the Knowledge
Networks survey results did not markedly differ from other polling data.
The Al-Qaeda link in particular has never had any basis in reality, so
why should it have changed?

Especially since we're talking about my own fellow citizens, it would be
nice to be able to see most of them as less stubbornly resistant to or
uninterested in the truth than these data suggest, but then again
millions of them consistently vote against their own interests, don't
think racism is a big problem anymore, and were totally surprised by


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From: "Suresh" <borhyaenid at yahoo.com>

Well, here's a Harris poll taken early this month,
which seems to corroborate the results from Knowledge
Networks. Putting aside issues of statistical
reliability, and problems with bourgeois hegemonic
assumptions necessarily implicit in mainstream poll
questioning, it appears that despite weeks of critical
media coverage of the administration, of being
bombarded by whole squadrons of whistle-blowers and
leakers and the like, the basic perception of the war
in Iraq has changed remarkably little:

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