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  We need to start at the true origin of where women's rights were violated.
It's necessary to understand the nature of the "beast"...men.  The women's
body, in whom I happen to be one, is not composed by nature to be the
AGGRESSOR...simply because we happen to have a VAGINA.  It is a part of the
body that
cannot force it's will on anyone...it is a place that has to be entered by a
mans penis...am I right so far?
   Although women at the highest economic rank, perhaps have had the
opportunity to be the "aggressor" in other aspects, in order to EMPOWER
Sometimes called "Womens Liberation".  From what must we be liberated?  The
nature of MAN.  Who has had the opportunity, simply because he happens to
a penis.  You tell me...
   If we assert our right to not be VICTIMS, we are labeled as bitches in
heat armored with...what I ask.  What do we have?  We have born the children
which man...MAN has imposed himself by entering her...HER body.  This is
it starts.  The answer, set by MEN, is then to rip her body of her forming
child or tear out her reproductive organs.  TELL me is this the answer to
happiness and prosperity as a women.  Think again assholes.


There's nothing inherently oppressive about giving birth to a child.  Sorry.
The problem is more like there not being free, collectivized childcare or
having other private household functions collectivized that would give women
more leeway to do more for themselves.  And I don't like women who behave
backwardly anymore than I like men who are sexist.  I'm not really inclined
to feel solidarity with someone just because they're female.  I've never
known what that one exactly means, at least in terms of really thinking
there is anything essential about the experience of being a female.

Some guys I do get crap from, some I don't.  I've certainly have had sexual
harassment to deal with, and know how draining and demoralizing that can be.
But I know I'd rather not relate to men as being assholes, especially if
they're supposed to be my comrades in struggle.  However, I think there's a
lot about personal sexual relations that pretty much are a question of
individual conscience.  It's more radical feminist cant to consider all men
to be inherently rapist, when I'm not really inclined to think that most men
would want to do anything to hurt their partners.  And I'd rather be
optimistic that men can become conscious of their own sexism and learn how
to deal with it.  I don't think they'd be willing to do it if they're always
going to be called an asshole.

I sometimes get a damned if I do, damned if I don't feeling about the whole
matter.  I want to be taken seriously and yet I get hit on.   However, I'd
rather deal with it in a civil manner rather than institute a witchhunt.
It's also the case that I'm pretty inexperienced and ignorant in a lot of
ways about Marxism, limitations I can't get around by crying wolf, nothing a
"Because I'm a woman" speech is going to solve.

I'm not saying that women don't have crap to deal with, but it seems to me
that what sexism is on the personal level is a highly subjective question,
and dealing with it ought to be more of a discussion than a confrontation.

Stacey  B.

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