[Marxism] Re: Women's Rights

Christopher Carrico ccarrico at temple.edu
Mon Apr 26 15:07:25 MDT 2004

If women's oppression is rooted in biology and not in 
culture (a position that both liberal and socialist 
feminists have argued adamantly against) then isn't any 
attempt to overcome women's oppression, in the end, doomed 
to failure?

I don't see how any marxist feminist could find common 
ground with the following argument: 

 We need to start at the true origin of where women's rights 
were violated.  
It's necessary to understand the nature of 
the "beast"...men.  The women's 
body, in whom I happen to be one, is not composed by nature 
to be the 
AGGRESSOR...simply because we happen to have a VAGINA.  It 
is a part of the body that 
cannot force it's will on anyone...it is a place that has to 
be entered by a 
mans penis...am I right so far?  
   Although women at the highest economic rank, perhaps have 
had the 
opportunity to be the "aggressor" in other aspects, in order 
to EMPOWER herself.  
Sometimes called "Womens Liberation".  From what must we be 
liberated?  The f-in 
nature of MAN.  Who has had the opportunity, simply because 
he happens to have 
a penis.  You tell me...
   If we assert our right to not be VICTIMS, we are labeled 
as bitches in 
heat armored with...what I ask.  What do we have?  We have 
born the children in 
which man...MAN has imposed himself by entering her...HER 
body.  This is where 
it starts.  The answer, set by MEN, is then to rip her body 
of her forming 
child or tear out her reproductive organs.  TELL me is this 
the answer to finding 
happiness and prosperity as a women.  Think again assholes.

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