[Marxism] North Korean Disaster Relief? More on Cheney's Korean Visit

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Mon Apr 26 20:26:06 MDT 2004

Since Cheney's visit to China and South Korea had the aspects of a stealth 
bomber overflight, I think it is reasonable to review some of the press 
coverage at the time.

Tony Abdo
Cheney is 'mentally deranged': N Korea
North Korea has slammed United States Vice President Dick Cheney as 
"mentally deranged" and accused him of using his recent Asian tour to incite 
bitterness toward the communist country.

"It considered Cheney as a mentally deranged person steeped in the 
inveterate enmity towards the system in the DPRK (North Korea) long ago as 
he is the boss of the neo-conservative forces in the US," a North Korean 
foreign ministry spokesman said late Sunday.

Mr Cheney visited Japan and South Korea last week to step up support for US 
forces in Iraq and reaffirmed the demand for complete scrapping of North 
Korea's nuclear weapons drive.

Mr Cheney also said after talks with Chinese leaders that North Korea could 
provide nuclear technology to terrorist groups like Al Qaeda and warned of a 
nuclear arms race in Asia if Pyongyang was not stopped.

Pyongyang insists it will freeze its nuclear weapons drive only in return 
for rewards from the US.

Washington demands the complete, verifiable, and irreversible dismantling of 
North Korean nuclear programs, both plutonium and enriched uranium schemes, 
before it will offer concessions to the impoverished state.

A North Korean spokesman insisted linking the country to Al Qaeda was "an 
expression of total ignorance and nothing but a far-fetched attempt to 
justify" Washington's hostile policy towards Pyongyang.

"Action is inevitably followed by reaction. The DPRK is seriously 
contemplating a measure to counter the US oft-repeated demand that it scrap 
its nuclear program first," he said.

The spokesman said if Mr Cheney officially made such "reckless" remarks 
representing the stand of the US administration, this would be not a simple 

North Korea "has no idea of dealing with the US any longer if the latter 
insists on the disgusting CVID (complete, verifiable, and irreversible 
dismantling)," he said.

Two rounds of six-party talks hosted by China to defuse the crisis have so 
far failed to narrow differences over the US demand and Pyongyang's denial 
that it is running an enriched-uranium program.

A new round of talks is expected before the end of June while working 
parties are supposed to be set up to resolve address contentious issues.

Cheney praises troops in S. Korea
By Bill Gertz
SEOUL — U.S. and allied forces deployed in South Korea are on the front line 
of freedom and democracy, Vice President Dick Cheney told U.S. troops here 
    "Here at freedom's frontier you are protecting millions on the Korean 
Peninsula, and keeping the peace in a dangerous region," Mr. Cheney told 
about 2,300 U.S. troops inside a gymnasium at the Army's Yongsan Garrison, 
the U.S. military headquarters.

    "By deterring aggression and defending freedom, you are enhancing the 
security of our own country," he said.
     Mr. Cheney stopped in South Korea following two days in China and a day 
after South Korean voters went to the polls and strengthened the liberal Uri 
party's grip on power. The once-opposition party gained seats in the 
parliamentary voting, strengthening the political standing of current 
President Roh Mu-hyun.
    The vice president was received warmly by cheering troops waving 
American flags. His remarks were interrupted several times by cheers from 
the troops.
    Without mentioning North Korea by name, Mr. Cheney told the troops "the 
difference between freedom and tyranny is evident to all who live here." He 
added, "It's the difference between a life of opportunity and hope and an 
existence defined by repression and fear. It's a difference between a 
government sustained by freedom and tolerance and one that thrives on 
    Economically, South Korea's economy "lifts people up," while that in the 
North "reduces its citizens to starvation." The troops were part of the 
37,000 soldiers in South Korea that are beginning a force reorganization 
that will move large numbers of soldiers further south from the 
demilitarized zone to bases in central South Korea.
    Mr. Cheney said U.S. military personnel are bearing "the hardest 
responsibilities" in the global war on terrorism.
    He also praised South Korea for its role in sending some 3,600 troops to 
Iraq, the third-largest contributor of troops to Iraq after the United 
States and Britain.
    "Living on the border between freedom and tyranny, the people of Korea 
understand the urgency of our cause in Iraq, Afghanistan and throughout the 
Middle East," Mr. Cheney said.
    Mr. Cheney said Washington has made a pledge to the troops: "We will 
give our armed forces the material support you need." In an apparent appeal 
for military votes, Mr. Cheney noted that President Bush has signed into law 
three pay increases for the military.
    Mr. Cheney left Seoul yesterday afternoon after a seven-day visit to 
Asia that also included stops in Japan and China.
    At a gathering of American and South Korean reporters, Mr. Cheney 
congratulated the Korean people on a successful election. He also said both 
the United States and South Korea agree that North Korea must give up its 
nuclear arms program.
    "As allies and partners in the six-party talks, we are committed to a 
peaceful resolution of this problem," he said. "And all of us look forward 
to the day that all Koreans can live in freedom, security and peace."
    •  This article is based in part on wire service reports.

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