[Marxism] "What's the difference?"

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Mon Apr 26 20:48:11 MDT 2004

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>The president's moves have generated a mixed reaction among Kerry's 
>advisers, some of whom have urged him to take credit for the change.
>''It is the greatest form of flattery in a sense, isn't it?" Beers said.
>But others see a danger for Kerry in Bush's new pronouncements.
>''The nightmare for Kerry is that all of his criticisms become moot, 
>except the woulda-shoulda-coulda criticism about the war," said Walter 
>Russell Mead, a fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. ''In this 
>sense, voters are going to say to themselves: 'What's the difference? If I 
>vote for Kerry, I will get a war in Iraq and someone who doesn't believe 
>in the war but is going to have to fight it anyway. If I vote for Bush, I 
>get a war in Iraq, fought by somebody who believes in the war.'

Kerry has walked into a trap here and it is one that waits always for those 
vacillating between liberalism and outright reaction.  He thinks he should 
oppose Bush  - but on Foreign Affairs?  That is dangerous 
territory.  Military expansionism is a bi-partisan area in American 
politics.  that means of course that the greatest section of the ruling 
class support it.

Another clear instance of the fundamental stupidity of Kerry'a approach is 
that of Gay Marriage.  Everyone know that this is a pure bs politics 
designed to get the red necks and religious reetards to vote for 
Bush.  What does Kerry do?  He seeks a middle way like a true liberal 
dupe.  He favours Civil Unions for gays instead of marriages.  With that 
one stroke he alienates both the gays and the Christian Warriors.  No mean 

Kerry might still win because fear and hatred of Bush is beginning to run 
deep. But he does seem to be scripted as the bound to fail candidate taking 
on a President seeking a second term.

Given his policy stance so far.  I see no reason to shed any tears about 
that outcome.



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