[Marxism] Talk Left, Walk Right

Lanasnest at aol.com Lanasnest at aol.com
Tue Apr 27 01:15:44 MDT 2004

   I want to thank you for your post.  You don't mince words.  You are brave, 
enlightened, and a clear thinker.  I pondered your quote about talking left 
and walking right to heart.  I was raised as stout, bigamist, white sepremest, 
I always rejected the teaching of my family without causing direct 
confrontation.  Because I was an active "church gower," I formed my fundamentalist type 
of thinking.  This kind of brainwashing takes a long time to spew out. 
   I lived in Italy for four years there, and came involved in the Communist 
Party.  It was love at first sight.  The only problem was my Italian was not 
sufficient to grass all concepts...a problem of linguistics, not of dedication. 
   I so appreciated the thoughtful, dedicated peoples on this list,,,and 
value their advice.  I am not a long time veteran in politics, and don't claim all 
of my simple little posts align perfectly with Marxism.  But I am serious 
about learning and living by the dictates of mine own conscience.  I have much to 
learn...and that is why I involve my self on this list...it is the closest 
system to what I inherently believe.  I am sorry if I don't always fit in the 
mold, but I speak from the heart and am not a scholar nor a politician.  I'm 
just a person who can't stand for injustice in any form, As I said before, we 
need to learn and support one another in our quest for machining a better world.  
We must be an example within our own group or we can In no we not Walk the 
walk" as leaders.  I'm sorry if anyone is ever taken aback by anything I 
post,,,really.  I need your help and guidance...not rejection.  Thankyou for 


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