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NY Times, April 27, 2004
Computer Student on Trial for Aid to Muslim Web Sites

BOISE, Idaho, April 23 — Not long after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 
11, 2001, a group of Muslim students led by a Saudi Arabian doctoral 
candidate held a candlelight vigil in the small college town of Moscow, 
Idaho, and condemned the attacks as an affront to Islam.

Today, that graduate student, Sami Omar al-Hussayen, is on trial in a 
heavily guarded courtroom here, accused of plotting to aid and to 
maintain Islamic Web sites that promote jihad.

As a Web master to several Islamic organizations, Mr. Hussayen helped to 
maintain Internet sites with links to groups that praised suicide 
bombings in Chechnya and in Israel. But he himself does not hold those 
views, his lawyers said. His role was like that of a technical editor, 
they said, arguing that he could not be held criminally liable for what 
others wrote.

Civil libertarians say the case poses a landmark test of what people can 
do or whom they can associate with in the age of terror alerts. It is 
one of the few times anyone has been prosecuted under language in the 
antiterrorism law known as the USA Patriot Act, which makes it a crime 
to provide "expert guidance or assistance" to groups deemed terrorist.

"Somebody who fixes a fax machine that is owned by a group that may 
advocate terrorism could be liable," said David Cole, a Georgetown 
University law professor who argued against the expert guidance part of 
the antiterrorism law this year, in a case where it was struck down by a 
federal judge.

Mr. Hussayen, 34, a father of three who was pursuing a doctorate in 
computer sciences at the University of Idaho, is charged with three 
counts of conspiracy to support terrorism and 11 counts of visa and 
immigration fraud. His trial opened on April 14 and is expected to last 
until June.

full: http://www.nytimes.com/2004/04/27/national/27BOIS.html

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