[Marxism] Cuban media on Sunday's pro-choice march on Washington

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Tue Apr 27 08:01:14 MDT 2004

Clearly Sunday's giant mobilization in Washington was both
pro-choice and anti-Bush in its political orientation. What
else would one expect, after all? Those are the politics of
virtually all of the pro-choice leaders and individuals in
the US today.

Hope any of the list's subscribers who were present at the
Washington march will describe it for the rest of us since
first-hand reports would add a lot to what we've seen .

Hundreds marched here in Los Angeles at a very spirited
counter-part demonstration. It certainly resonated strongly
at the event I was attending here: a 50th anniversary
celebration of Brown vs. Board of Education, and of the
life and accomplishments of Paul Robeson.

Below is what's in the Cuban media on Sunday's big mass
mobilization in Washington. Let's recall that in Cuba
abortion remains completely legal and completely free and
the only opposition to the procedure is from the Catholic
church, which has no influence on Cuban policy and some of
the "dissidents", such as Oscar Elías Biscet who campaign
stridently against abortion rights as well.

In the fantasy island of the Bush administration, Cuba
would become the choice-free zone which they want to make
the United States into if they could get away with it.

Walter Lippmann

More Than A Million Women March 
for Abortion Rights and Against Bush

Washington, Apr 26 (Prensa Latina) Sunday´s march for
women´s rights in Washington DC was historic for two
reasons: the record-breaking numbers who turned out in
defense of a woman´s legal right to terminate her pregnancy
and the leadership role taken by women of color for the
first time.

The largest march in the United States of any kind in
history according to organizers (who estimate 1.15 million)
was co-directed by the National Organization for Women and
Loretta Ross, director of the National Center for Human
Rights Education.

Ross, the first Afro-American to co-direct a national
pro-choice mobilization, pointed out that the focus of the
rally expanded beyond reproductive rights to a call for a
broader range of goals such as better and more access to
child care, and this was obvious in the many signs
protesting US President Bush´s policies affecting women.

Celebrities and activists rubbed shoulders at the event
overflowing from the Washington Mall, everyone from
Senators Hilary Clinton (D/NY) and Barbara Boxer (D/CA),
NAACP chair Julian Bond, entertainers Whoopi Goldberg, Ani
DiFranco and Cybill Shepherd among others, to ex Secretary
of State Madeline Albright and billionaire entrepreneur Ted

When announcing a mass voter registration drive for the
November presidential election, NOW President Kim Gandy
declared "This march is only the beginning of a massive
effort to advance the lives of women and girls."


Havana. April, 26 2004

More than one million women protest 
Bush’s conservative policies

WASHINGTON—More than one million women from all over the
United States and other countries invaded downtown
Washington on Sunday to defend their right to abortion,
which they believe to be threatened by President George W.

Nearly 1.15 million people participated in the
demonstration according to its organizers, making it even
larger than a similar event in April 1992, when some
750,000 people took part.

By mid-afternoon, the famous Mall, an immense open area
surrounded by museums and dominated by Congressional Hill,
was packed with people carrying signs that read “Fire Bush”
and “Keep Abortion Legal,” demanding that the government
not interfere in their “private lives.”

Within the last six months, the Republican president has
signed two laws; the first bans a method of late-term
abortion and the second gives a fetus legal status as
separate from the mother. Abortion-rights advocates see the
two laws as endangering the right to choose abortion,
legalized by the Supreme Court in January 1973.

The war in Iraq and the upcoming presidential elections in
November were also evident at the demonstration, with signs
calling on people to vote for Democrat John Kerry, whose
two daughters were on the march

“Bush feeds terrorism” and “Texas wants a pro-choice
candidate,” read some signs. Bush was governor of that
Southern state before becoming president in November 2000.

(Source: AFP)

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