[Marxism] Regional differences in the United States

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> The black and white toilers of the old plantation South, to this very day 
> have more in common with each other - socially, economically and culturally, than 
> the Southern rural white and the Northern Urban white. 
> The historical Marxist presentation of the national question, the 
> national-colonial question and even the modern presentation of the National Factor is not 
> a question of race or skin color but that of a historically evolved 
> intractable social position - imperial oppression and exploitation of the South as it 
> was riveted to plantation slavery. 
> Wall Street imperialism enslaved the old South as the prize of the Civil War. 

You are right about this, Melvin P..  It is so complicated.  My father, 
who at the age of 80 is still a segregationist, can recall fondly to me 
hunting with his black friend as a boy in Alabama.  He surprised me 
once, as we strolled the grounds of a "restored" plantation here in 
Tallahassee, Florida, by remarking, "They should bring in bulldozers and 
knock this all down".  My family is of modest origin, small farmers 100 
years ago, and my father had no love for the Southern "ancien regime".

Brett Castleberry

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