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> The historical Marxist presentation of the national question, the 
> national-colonial question and even the modern presentation of the National 
>Factor is not  a question of race or skin color but that of a historically 
> intractable social position - imperial oppression and exploitation of the 
South as >it was riveted to plantation slavery. 
> Wall Street imperialism enslaved the old South as the prize of the Civil 

<You are right about this, Melvin P..  It is so complicated.  My father, 
who at the age of 80 is still a segregationist, can recall fondly to me 
hunting with his black friend as a boy in Alabama.  He surprised me 
once, as we strolled the grounds of a "restored" plantation here in 
Tallahassee, Florida, by remarking, "They should bring in bulldozers and 
knock this all down".  My family is of modest origin, small farmers 100 
years ago, and my father had no love for the Southern "ancient regime.">

Brett Castleberry


To a large degree race theory and race ideology has blinded us to the 
obvious. "US" of course, means primarily Yankee intellectuals and this includes the 
tan ones. The progressive intellectual South and its budding Marxist sector is 
going to rise again and straighten out my Yankee brethren concerning basic and 
elementary history of the American Union. 

My brethren - bless their hearts, "slip" on the historical questions - 
knowing everything and nothing. The burden of the Yankee has long ago eclipsed the 
old "burden of the white man." It's enough to make one want to get a "lot of 
Church" :-)

We Yankee Marxists have a terrible debt to pay to history. We must begin by 
clarifying history and taking it out of the hands of our own Yankee imperial 
bourgeoisie. Segregation is of course a Northern product and not the creation of 
the plantation system or slavery. Slavery was also unpleasant, but its very 
mechanics began fusing together a historically evolved people - black and 
white, trapped in a complex class configuration. Segregation - the system of Jim 
Crow could not arise under these conditions and it didn't.

Segregation arose in the North after the freeing of 30,000 slaves in 1790. 
The 100 year Yankee portrayal of the Southern white as nothing more than the 
jailer of the black is a lie. The national-colonial question has never been a 
question of skin color and every Southern white understands this clearly. 


The slave was not simply a slave but an agricultural proletariat in chains or 
a class of workers. 

What is unique and special in the history of the American Union has to be 

The South carries the guilt of its historical shame. And on that basis have 
created a distinct literature. 

The North is without shame or guilt. Tragic. 

The regional difference between North and South is the American English 
(Yankee speak) translation of the "national-colonial question." 

The new nation in the American Union arose in the North. 

Melvin P. 

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