[Marxism] RE: Christianity and Homosexuality

Calvin Broadbent calvinbroadbent at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 28 04:34:31 MDT 2004

Jose Wrote:

>"Right wing Christian fundamentalism" --for lack of a better term-- is
>what the capitalists have to work with, and they are stuck with it. And
>for that reason, yes, I believe gay liberation does present a very real
>and significant "counter hegemonic" threat to the U.S. ruling class, and
>most especially in the ideological domain.

Why the apparent fascination with soldiers and machismo then? Or the 
apparent obsession of many gays with fashion and 'style'? Why is it, and 
please correct me if I'm wrong, that many male gays adopt the most 
stereotypically 'feminine' characteristics (including 'bitchiness' and 
obsession with personal relationships) as a mark of their identity? I can't 
see the conncetion between homosexuality and revolutionary ideology. Maybe 
in America, who knows....

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