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Wed Apr 28 09:21:58 MDT 2004

--- Pieinsky <pieinsky at igc.org> wrote:
> One of the reasons I left my association with the
> RCP in the early 1980s is
> that, under Bob Avakian's emerging dominaton (and
> cult of personality), I
> felt too much emphasis was put on hawking newspapers
> and too little at
> taking part in the struggles of the masses and
> winning their confidence that
> way to communist politics -- based on a one-sided
> interpretating of Lenin's
> "What Is To Be Done?". 

When I look at what they are saying, it doesn't seem
one sides at all.. (you can also put too much emphasis
on 'the movement' as well and abandon doing Communist

'Bob Avakian wrote, "In What Is To Be Done , Lenin
emphasizes that the way the masses must and do develop
proletarian class consciousness is by being enabled
and trained to respond to all major social questions
and world events, and how these find expression among
all different strata; and they have to be trained to
do this from a class-conscious proletarian point of
view, and no other . They have to be trained to see
not only how they come into confrontation with the
ruling class in the more narrow and immediate sphere
of their economic relations with their employers (or
with their immediate exploiters and oppressors), and
so on, but in the broader sense in which the
proletariat as such comes into conflict with the
ruling class. And they have to learn to make what
Lenin calls a `materialist analysis and a materialist
estimate' of all major social questions and world
events and how this finds expression among different
classes and strata--and therefore to recognize and
distinguish the nature and interests of all different
classes and strata in society."'

Isn't this true? 

Also, the RCP does have a new formulation in the their
Draft Programme -- ' Create Public Opinion, Seize
Power! Prepare Minds and Organize Forces or
Revolution.' which is the Central Task of the RCP.
This formulation is gone into rather extensively here
-  http://rwor.org/margorp/a-create.htm 

I would be curious to hear how this is 'one sided'.


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