[Marxism] Iraqis, Outraged over New Flag, Question Sovereignty

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 28 12:15:01 MDT 2004

(The flag is so profound a symbol of nationhood that
any tampering with one is an event of extremely great
significance, as we can see in this eloquent example.

(As if the appointment of Negroponte wasn't enough,
the United States has demonstrated clearly just how
much "sovereignty" will be handed over to the Iraqi
government on June 20 by re-designing the national
flag. Of course no one can hand sovereignty over to
someone else. They have to take their own in their
own hands, just as the United States did in 1776 
and as Cuba did in 1959. What could be more proof
of the arrogance with which Washington is trying 
to bring Iraq to heel than this symbolic act?)

Iraqis, Outraged over New Flag, Question Sovereignty

Baghdad, Apr 28 (Prensa Latina) A new flag designed by an
Iraqi resident in London and with a stripe representing the
Kurds has infuriated Iraqis who are fiercely struggling the
US-led occupation forces.

Iraqi people have already been questioning sovereignty in a
country with US-appointed and unelected leaders and where
the government Washington is designing for it will have
only limited authority after the so-called hand-over of
power June 30, so they see the new flag as the latest US

In Falluja, the besieged hotbed of resistance, anti-US
guerrillas adopt the old red, white and black Iraqi banner
as their battle flag. The new one was burnt in public in a
demonstration of public anger.

In a reaction that shows the increasing anti-US sentiment
in the Gulf country, a young Iraqi said "I don't like the
new flag. It does not look Iraqi. The main reason I don't
like it is that it comes from the Americans."

Adding to the anger, many Iraqis find resemblances between
the new flag and Israel's and also wonder why the Kurds
have a stripe on it but not the 80 percent of the Iraqis
who are Arabs, while deep inside they know the answer -the
Kurds are the only Iraqi community fully supporting the US.

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