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Speaking of humor (seriously...<g>)

The RCP does excellent mass work through their role
in NOT IN OUR NAME, and they do other good things as
well, running an attractive and professional bookstore
in downtown Los Angeles. They don't only seel book by
their own authors, either.

The RCP has changed many things in the last dozen
or so years, and don't get into fistfights with 
the cops like they used to. Now if only they would
revisit their stupid position on Cuba which bears
odd similiarities to that of the SWP (USA)/

Elián Amid the Sharks (excerpts)
Revolutionary Worker #1051 April 23, 2000 

Soon after the Cuban Revolution, Castro's government
decided not to dismantle the one-crop sugar economy or
carry out a thoroughgoing agrarian revolution in the
countryside. They broke key ties to the U.S., but did not
break capitalist economic relations characteristic of
colonialism. Instead, Castro moved Cuba into a new
relationship of dependence--with a new foreign imperialist
master, the Soviet Union (which had restored capitalism in
the mid-1950s).

As the Maoists predicted at the time, this non-revolutionary 
road had many negative consequences for the Cuban people and 
for the revolutionary movements of Latin America.

These problems with the "Cuban Road" became acute in a
whole new way when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1989.
Cuba's government found itself desperate and fishing around
for new imperialist trading partners and investors. Fidel
Castro has been quite eager to have foreign capitalists
exploit labor and resources in Cuba. He has opened key
parts of the economy to foreign exploitation. And Cuba's
government has energetically reopened the tourist
trade--with all the oppressive social effects this brings
to the people.

Cuba's government has also been eager to have the U.S.
imperialists lift its unjust embargo and re-enter Cuba's

Walter Lippmann

We of course never took ourselves to serious. 
We always felt the worst thing a communist 
could become is a trade union leader . . .
and that is what we became. 

Yes, many members of the RU/RCP did excellent work. 

Melvin P. 

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