[Marxism] Death of Brian Manning, socialist historian of the English Revolution

Einde O'Callaghan einde at gmx.de
Wed Apr 28 13:15:49 MDT 2004

This has been a bad week for socialist historians. Not only have we lost 
Paul Siegel, I have just heard taht the Britihsh socialist historian 
Brian Manning was killed in an accident while on holiday in Italy. I 
attach an appreciation from the London Socialist Historians Group, of 
which he was a member

Einde O'Callaghan

London Socialist Historians Group

Press Release
The London Socialist Historians Group, which organises the socialist 
history seminar at the Institute of Historical Research in central 
London, has paid tribute to Professor Brian Manning, the socialist 
historian of the English Civil War, who has died, aged 76, after a freak 
accident while on holiday in Italy on 25th April.

Professor Manning represented a rare link between the work of the 
Communist Party Historians Group in the 1950s and the activities of a 
new generation of new left and socialist historians in later years.

Never a member of the Communist Party, Manning was nevertheless 
associated with the work of the Party's History Group and worked for a 
time with Eric Hobsbawm on the publication of Past and Present. Manning 
studied under Christopher Hill, and while teaching at the University of 
Ulster and later in retirement, published a string of ground breaking 
works on the English Civil War.

Manning was a regular attender and speaker at the annual London 
Socialist Historians Group onferences and at the SWP's Marxism summer 
schools. Active in CND and the Labour Party in the 1960s, Manning 
remained a committed socialist until his untimely death

Socialist Historians Convenor Dr Keith Flett said, This is a great loss 
to socialist history, as Brian Manning was clearly still developing his 
views on, and our understanding of, the English Revolution. He was not 
however a dry academic, despite his liking for sober suits, but a 
committed activist and considerable raconteur.

Publications include:
The English People and the English Revolution, 1976
1649: the crisis of the English Revolution, 1992
Aristocrats, plebeians and revolution in England 1640-1660, 1996
Revolution and counter-revolution on England, Ireland and Scotland, 
1658-1660, 2003

   Link:     London Socialist Historians Group
   URL:      <http://www.londonsocialisthistorians.org>

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