[Marxism] Re: Maoist use paper to make revolutionaries

Ed George edgeorge at usuarios.retecal.es
Wed Apr 28 14:16:09 MDT 2004

Snip: 'Bob Avakian wrote, "In What Is To Be Done, Lenin emphasizes that
the way the masses must and do develop proletarian class consciousness
is by being enabled and trained to respond to all major social questions
and world events, and how these find expression among all different
strata; and they have to be trained to do this from a class-conscious
proletarian point of view, and no other...'


But the problem is: who does the training? Or, who educates the
educators? The problem with sects (and I have no knowledge of the RCP)
is that they don't see this as a problem, since they see themselves -
through some mysterious and unpsecified process - as already having been
'trained'. And this has nothing to do with Lenin.

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