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>What most of Highland Park looks like, basically, is some little town
overrun by the Nazis in World War II.< 

MP.  I have in mind a combination of 900 Days in Leningrad, the Battle for 
Stalingrad followed by a seige of section 731 of the Japanese Imperial Army. 
Think Nanking without the rape. 

>Turn west on Glendale, say, and drive around them, if you can screw up your
puny courage to do so.<

MP. I lived two blocks north of Glendale, on Buena Vista. Courage is not 
required just several very large pistolas, back up hand grendas, two pit bulls and 
a full tank of gas if everything else fails. I actually considered relocating 
to Tora Bora, where it a little more pleasant.  

>Many houses are burned out. Some still inhabited ones don't seem to have
been painted for decades. Today, it looks like a place from which most of
the people seem to have been evacuated.<

MP. This tend to happen when you do not have a fucking fire department. A 
house caught fire one block away and I started hosing the house down . . . just 
in case. I don't know if evacuated is a strong enough word.

>The survivors are in miserable shape, by any standards common to the modern 
developed world. Nearly half of their children live below the poverty line. 
Unemployment is at Great
Depression levels - 22 percent - which is good news in a ghastly way; it has 
been higher.<

MP. At last . . . we arrive at the real basis of my theoretical outlook. When 
the young folks walk past our duplex - (a side by side large house that 
interestingly is the only one in the entire city) looked at my conversion Van and 
asked me if I was the bourgeoisie, I figured . . . now here is a member of the 
communist class. Unemployment is so bad that the state of Michigan stop 
keeping figures on the City for a couple of years.  The city is perhaps 70% female. 
Unemployment generally runs about 70%. The young women dominate the streets 
and have no problem asking you "who the fuck do you think you are looking at." 

One time I was eyeballed by these girls in a threatening manner and jumped 
out of my van and told them in no uncertain terms that I was Shallame and 
Ebony's daddy. "Don't let me have to go home and tell them ya'll acting like you 
want to jump on somebody. No one is scared of you. I 'll go home and my big 
brtoehr . . .I mean duaghters."

>This is what we've let happen to the town that is, literally, the cradle of 
our modern civilization, the birthplace of the mass-produced automobile. 
Nobody else in the civilized world would have let this happen. Nobody but our 
country, which thinks it has a right to tell others how to live.<

MP.  Prior to the automobile polluting the world and reconfiguring earth for 
the worse, the leaders made a practice run on Highland Park, once known as the 
"City of Trees." The destruction came in waves. First all the fruit trees 
were cut down and all the grape vines poisoned - literally, and then trees were 
systematically cut down on every street. When I grew up in Highland Park over 
40 years ago one did not have to buy much food in the summer months. Every kind 
of fruit tree still existed back then. 

>Chrysler had arrived by then. Yet there was a gradual decline. The housing
stock aged; the city became poorer and blacker, and then - one day in 1987 -
Chrysler announced that it was leaving too.<

MP. Haven't really figured out why I waited until January of this year to 
leave. Should have seen the trend back in 1987. But then again . . .I am still 
waiting for the Jackson 5 to get back together. 

>Three years ago, the city was taken over by an emergency financial manager,
Ramona Henderson-Pearson, who remains in charge. According to a document
prepared in February, she found money missing and records in chaos.<

MP. Sister Ramona aspires to be Condensing Rice and fired the entire police 
department. I said to myself, "Damn this is a new level of struggle. We been 
fighting police brutality for decades and she fired all of them. What would 
Lenin do about this shit." 

Then the city start sending high water bills. My was over $40,000 dollars. OK 
comrades this is not a misprint - forty-thousand dollars. I wrote about this 
on Marxmail over two years ago. When I complained to the City I was told to 
"just put something down on it." The water demonstration would emerge about a 
year later after the original article to Marxmail. 

>Yet Titus McClary, Highland Park's new mayor, is optimistic, . . ."I think 
we've turned a corner," says McClary, 66, whose mother moved to Highland Park 
in 1952 because the schools provided free books. He was happy because the city 
was allowed to issue some bonds in January and could start paying pensions on 
time again. But he knows the depth of the challenge.<

MP. Turned the corner? TURNED THE MUTHERFUCKING CORNER . . . There ain't no 
more corners you ignorant fuck. When damn near all the houses are burnt down 
there is only open field and no corners. When you turn the corner you haven't 
went anywhere. 

Titus is a retired cop that used to jump on us when we kids. I campaigned my 
ass off against this guys passing out mountains of literature. He still won 
about 60% of the vote. About 80 people voted - I voted nine times, and I think 
they stacked the ballot. 

Comrade think the desperation in my writing is pure communist propaganda. 
"Comrade Melvin P is so colorful and descriptive." This is how bad it is: in the 
Movie "8 Mile" featuring the rapper Eminence (M&M) there is a graphic seen of 
a house burning. I swear to God the movie producers shot this scene in 
Highland Park. A small group of resident opposed the shooting the scene in Highland 
Park because they thought that their house might get burnt down. When I found 
out a house was to be burnt down I tried to get the producers to pay me to burn 
my down. See in Highland Park no one will give you homeowners insurance - in 
the main, because their is no police department or fire department.< 

>What tiny fraction, I wondered idly, of the money we spend killing people in
Iraq would suffice to make Highland Park livable again? (Less than a day's
worth would do more than nicely.) < 

MP. The bourgeoisie is tricky and plan on killing everybody. In Highland Park 
he does not want to spent the money on sending in troops, the cost of 
bullets, water rations, etc. Nor is he willing to spend money on Regime change. 

>"What kind of society could allow such a perverse stark contrast to exist?
Where is the justice, where is the compassion?

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