[Marxism] We are all Highland Parkers/ birth place of the communist class

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Wed Apr 28 14:45:09 MDT 2004

>"What kind of society could allow such a perverse stark contrast to exist?
Where is the justice, where is the compassion?<

MP. I asked myself this exact question when I left Michigan for good and 
headed for Texas - after giving CB some of my books and abandoning the kids - the 
girls, who are adults and a hellva lot stronger than I. I plan on getting the 
wife in three weeks. She has been literally shipping all her belonging to our 
apartment. Yesterday 23 boxes arrived. I plan to fly into town under the cloak 
of darkness . . . take a taxi from the airport and call the wife when I am 
ten minutes from arrival so that she can have the car running when I pull up. 

I told Comrades I was moving to Texas to help defeat Bush in his home state: 
Bolshevik commitment and all that. The truth is that Huntsville Penitentiary 
might just help cure me of a reoccurring dream of being burnt up while asleep: 
there was no fire department and the fucking police were demonstrating like 
communist radicals. $40,000 water bills. 

AaaaaaaaaaaaaH, the glorious city of my youth. 

Here is the place that birthed the communist class in America and it is 
related to the "demise" and or contraction of the auto industry as the driving 
force of industrial capitalism. 

Strange but true. 

Melvin P. 

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