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Last Release: Wednesday, April 28, 2004

"No Democrat is going to beat Bushism":
An interview with Green Party activist Howie Hawkins

| Derek Seidman |

As the 2004 presidential election approaches, the pressure is mounting 
on advocates of independent politics to go ABB (Anybody But Bush), which 
in practice means supporting pro-war, pro-occupation, pro-corporation, 
pro-troop increase, pro-PATRIOT Act candidate John Kerry. Recently Left 
Hook's Derek Seidman caught up with Howie Hawkins, a longtime 
activist-leader of the Green Party and an outspoken voice for the need 
to fully break from the Democrats and the practice of lesser-evilism.

- (Read interview) http://www.lefthook.org/Reviews/SeidmanHawkins042804.html

For My Friend in Iraq

| Pankaj Mehta |

One of my best friends is in Iraq. He is a medic in the Navy Reserve. On 
January 2nd, he was told that he would be deploying to a stretch of 
desert West of Baghdad. At his request, I will refrain from using his 
name. I do not know how long he will be in Iraq; I am not sure that even 
the Pentagon knows. I do not know for how long I will have to wake up 
everyday and scour the web to make sure that he is not one of the really 
unlucky ones, killed in a helicopter crash or caught in an ambush.

- (Read full)

The IMF and World Bank Celebrate Sixty Years of Infamy

| Benjamin Dangl |

Amid belly dancers, jugglers and heavily armed police, activists from 
around the world converged in Washington DC on April 24, 2004 to wish 
the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank a very unhappy 
60th birthday. While international bureaucrats congratulated each other 
on one more year of "reducing poverty around the globe", a colorful 
array of activists in the streets protested against over half a decade 
of IMF and World Bank structural adjustment programs, undemocratic 
decision making and destructive free trade agreements.

- (Read full)

Lesser-Evilism and the Fight for Gay Marriage: The Politics of Self-Defeat

| Keith Rosenthal |

The movement for gay marriages that has emerged spontaneously all across 
the country is clearly beginning to reach a crossroads. On the one hand, 
a wide collection of city councils and mayors have been issuing marriage 
licenses to gay couples over the past several weeks despite Bush's 
bigoted threats to amend the federal constitution to ban same-sex 
marriages. These mayors and city councilors have stood up to do what's 
right with the help of grassroots pushes by gay rights activists, from 
New Paltz to Seattle to San Francisco.

- (Read full)

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