[Marxism] Manuel Vasquez Montalban

RWRAINEY5 at aol.com RWRAINEY5 at aol.com
Wed Apr 28 18:37:08 MDT 2004

I was wondering how many of you had seen Vicente Molina Foix's excellent 
leader in the April 23 issue of the TLS.   Vasquez Montalban is (or was until his 
sudden death in September) Spain's leading poet and novelist and a dedicated 
Communist.  His *La Aznaridad* (sympathetically reviewed in this issue) is a 
scathing indictment of not only the horrid eight year regime of Aznar and his 
vile associates, but takes aim as well at "socialist" collaborators like the 
current EU policy chief Javier Solana.   Rupert Murdoch's reviewer (yes, this 
scum owns the TLS, as well as the London Daily Times) actually does a fair piece, 
calling Vasquez Montalban's last four novels "among the towering achievements 
of Spanish fiction during the second half of the last century".

Anyway, I thought those of you on this list with a special interest in 
literature (Yoshie, Louis) might be interested.


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