[Marxism] Generation Debt - the New Economics of Being Young

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Village Voice, April 27th, 2004
Generation Debt - the New Economics of Being Young
by Anya Kamenetz

Wanted: Really Smart Suckers
Grad school provides exciting new road to poverty

Here's an exciting career opportunity you won't see in the classified
ads. For the first six to 10 years, it pays less than $20,000 and
demands superhuman levels of commitment in a Dickensian environment.
Forget about marriage, a mortgage, or even Thanksgiving dinners, as the
focus of your entire life narrows to the production, to exacting
specifications, of a 300-page document less than a dozen people will
read. Then it's time for advancement: Apply to 50 far-flung, undesirable
locations, with a 30 to 40 percent chance of being offered any position
at all. You may end up living 100 miles from your spouse and commuting
to three different work locations a week. You may end up $50,000 in
debt, with no health insurance, feeding your kids with food stamps. If
you are the luckiest out of every five entrants, you may win the
profession's ultimate prize: A comfortable middle-class job, for the
rest of your life, with summers off.

...and more about the delights of academia.

Hmm, I just got my grad degree and am only $40,000 in debt.  Spare change!
What are you talking about?  :)

Stacey B.

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